Friday, July 6, 2018


 Leanne came into rescue in March.   Her owner asked us for help to get Leanne out of a tough situation.  (Her husband had Alzheimer's and was not always predictable, so Leanne needed a safe place.)   Even though Leanne was older (15), we were happy to help. 
 ChiChi was in a shelter in Maryland.   Her owner was found but didn't claim her.  She was 15 years old, also.  The first  picture we received showed a scared, confused dog-- you wouldn't know she was the same girl.  She is now so relaxed and loved.   And she doesn't look 15!   (She had a microchip, so we were able to know more about her age.)
 I met Leanne at the Peke meeting-- and Floyd was there, too.  I love this picture-- two old Pekes still wanting to be affectionate and open to new friends. 
 Leanne and Chi-Chi are now sisters-- they both are part of our forever foster group.  When we got them and knew they were both 15, we knew they just needed a safe, loving place for the rest of their lives.
Robin, their foster mom, adores them.  They both are active seniors!  In fact, Leanne has a new job as sous chef-- she helps when Robin bakes!   Yes, it means she gets a little flour on her, but who doesn't!   Thank you, Robin, for caring for these sweet girls-- you are the best!  


LadyJicky said...

Two beautiful Golden Oldies :)

The Klein Klan said...

All of you fosters and your fur friends are amazing!!! thank you for taking in these beautiful pups and loving them! You are all angels!!! <3