Thursday, July 12, 2018


 I've been promising an update on BeeBee and Nala. 
 This is BeeBee's tongue- her blood count has been dropping and her color is pale.  Their blood count had been down to 18, we got it up to 38 and then BeeBee's dropped again to 26 and then 24.  😞
These two are so attached that I'm not sure how one would do without the other.   BeeBee is definitely more dependent on Nala-- Nala is dependent on me.   
 They have bad seizures, which we have mostly in control.   If they have break through seizures, they get extra meds.   If I need to be gone a long day, they go to the vet for "watch." 
 They were diagnosed with IMHA early on and we have been battling that without going to extremes.   I've had four experiences with IMHA and it's not easy to win-- most of the time, we don't win, so I just wanted to keep the girls comfortable as long as we could. 
 The vet now thinks the sisters might also have GME-- inflammatory brain disease.  We cannot know that for sure without an MRI and that's so expensive-- and it would not change what we are doing.   It's up and down, trying and monitoring and just loving them.   They may have limited time, or they may fool us all and overcome it.   
 In the meantime, they are "my girls" and I love them so much.  They love me right back and "sing" in delight if I have been gone for errands, and return.   Even if it's a short time! 
Keep praying for these sweet sisters-- they are so precious.  Why is it the sweetest one can be so sick.   They are little fighters though-- little warriors.  I love them.

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LadyJicky said...

I am praying for "your girls" Linda. They are so brave.