Thursday, July 5, 2018


 This is sweet Poochie-- he was one of the Bristol 18.   He needs some medications to stay healthy. 
 Sweet Maddy is a pretty healthy boy.  But, if he needs anything (!!), his mom and dad get it for him.
 Some dogs need a lot of medication.   So, our rescue committee began to research how to save money, but not compromise the health of our dogs.   (We do NOT recommend buying meds for fleas or ticks at any place that doesn’t have safe meds.   Many if these places may have a similar  name but the product may just not be safe.  It’s not worth it.  Over the counter flea and tick products are not the same formula.).
 We want to do our best-- not just for our foster dogs, but for our own dogs.  Some of the ways we have found to save money are Good RX.   I save massive amounts of money of the Sister's meds!   I mean, it's amazing.   The Sisters take phenobarbital and Keppra (Nala).   Using the Good RX card at Kroger (or WalMart... or many other places) saves us incredible amounts.    I also found out that I can ask for a larger dose and cut it in half.  WOW, big savings!   And many meds are safe to cut in half.  Just ask your vet. (We
 Minnie is a sweetheart, and so healthy, and she doesn't need any medications other than monthly heart worm preventative (and she's available for adoption!). 
 Andy is a healthy boy, too.  He's Minnie's son-- but they don't have to stay together.  He doesn't need anything except heart worm preventive.   But, if he did need more, we would check out some of these:
Dr. Foster and Smith-- K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Control Treatment for Dogs
 This site offers sales and free shipping on many orders-- they are having a sale on heart worm preventative now, and also flea spot treatments.   We just got some for Binks.  Binks needs heart meds also, but he is available for adoption.  Oh, that face! 
  Furby  is still available for adoption with his son, Rocky.   He needs a special diet for allergies.  But, offers good prices.   You can also check out Advantage Multi for Dogs and Cats - 1800PetMeds 
My Max is almost15 and so healthy.   But, if he needs more, you know I'll get it for him.  He may be Mr. Grumpy, but he's my Mr. Grumpy lol.
Compare prices with your vet and see what is best for your pet.   You'll be amazed at how much you can save!!   (Share your stories with us--)


LadyJicky said...

I have a company here in Australia that I do save money if I get Coco's low fat tinnies and solid food.... plus some meds.

Lost Earring said...

Just reading about what is needed and necessary for these precious guys and dolls is stunning. Where would these precious babies be without the help of Potomac Pekes and its dedicated members and fans?

Must Love Pekes is my favorite go to place to see how so many Pekes are doing and the news of already adopted Pekes is uplifting.