Saturday, August 24, 2013


 Look at these faces!    Camden and Brandy were both adopted from PVPC.  
 They have their own thundershirts Click here: Thundershirt | The Best Dog Anxiety Treatment to help with stress (thunderstorms, etc.).    Gee, my dogs just have gray ones-- I love the colored ones!
 Camden put himself in a corner-- did you do something wrong or did you just want a quiet spot.     Can I join you-- there isn't much quiet at my house!
 Camden has a swimming pool-- a big one.     But, I think he'd rather use this on the side of the pool.    Maybe his mom puts him on it in the pool to float-- what do you think?
 Brandy has her short summer cut-- can you believe this was the skeletal 9 pound dog we rescued from the back yard puppy mill?
 Camden came from a Virginia shelter-- I don't know why someone wasn't looking for him.
They have a great home now!     Just look at these two greeting their mom and dad.  I love it!


lady jicky said...

I think they are both so beautiful and what a happy home and life they have now!

* I think Camden floats on the pool - holding in his paw a pina colada cocktail with one of those tiny umbrellas!

*Would those two guys like some Aussie Peke Bikini Chick's to drop by and Party Hard ??? LOL !!!

Unknown said...

We are SO grateful for these little dogs. They make us laugh EVERY day. Thanks for all the work PVPC does for rescue. <3