Monday, August 26, 2013


 June Bug is one of Cici and Miki-Harley's babies.    We thought she just might live with her foster mom and dad, but life changed in a moment.... Leslie and Doug's special girl, Lulu Belle died and Jeanne felt that June Bug could help heal their hearts.
 She went to her new home on Saturday.  The trip began with lots of kisses for her new mom and dad!
 Gimmie is wondering what that little thing is-- it's your new sister, Gimmie!  You're going to just love her.
 She is still very small, but pretty soon, she'll be racing around the house with you.   I bet that will be sooner than we think.
 "Are you talking about me?"   Yes, we are!
Puppies need naps, so I'm sure she'll get lots of those-- between bursts of energy and playing.     I know she's going to love being part of this wonderful family.     Give your mom and dad a hug for us.  And give one to Gimmie, too!

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lady jicky said...

What a cute puppy!!!! Sure to bring joy :)