Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Charlie came from a Maryland shelter.   Someone asked me if by taking in NC dogs, we turn dog Maryland and Virginia dogs-- never!    We have not had to do that because our volunteers have stepped up every time to help.  I just wanted to clarify that.    We had plenty of room for Charlie!
 He was turned in by his owner and had just had surgery-- anal gland.   He had an e-collar on that was cutting into his neck, which horrified everyone and our shelter friends were upset, too.   (I love this shelter!)
 He healed well and became a happy boy!  
 He was adopted and his new mom said he likes to lay and look out the windows and doors.  
 He is so sweet, a gentle teddy bear.
 I see the big glass doors he likes to look out-- but I think a snooze is in order here.
 Wake up!    You're going to be so excited when you see the squirrels and deer outside.  
 Charlie loves his yard!      (I love the flowers!   I have to put flowers in pots in my yard or they have a very short life haha.)
When it's time to turn around and head back to the house, he obediently turns around and skedaddles back toward the house already knowing "this is my house, my safe place, and I might even get a treat."   
 Charlie loves his deck, too.   It is very Peke-friendly!    No heads poking through!
 He has a long drive way and love to see if there are any critters out there.    One day he ran to the window-- he saw a lizard!   Wow, exciting stuff!
Charlie has a wonderful new mom who loves him so much-- and I'm so glad Charlie has a forever home with her!  


lady jicky said...

As I stated before - animal rescue has no boarders!!!

What a wonderful life Charlie is having now !!!

He sure is "Champange Charlie is my name , drinking champagne is my game" as the song goes! LOL
I am so happy to see Charlie is having a "champagne life now" !!!

Paladin2010 said...

I am having a very bad day today, but when I read Charlie's story it took a little bit of it away. Can't wait to get home to our "Maddy" tonight and play chase the ball.