Saturday, August 10, 2013


 Gracie  sent me an email with pictures!    Here's what she said, "I went to the cardiologist yesterday-- I have a heart murmur, so they are  making sure all is fine."
Here I am getting checked in.  Dana went with us.  She's my friend from Brentwood and she held me and lifted me and that was nice.  See how good I am.
  Dana is holding me while Tyler checks my BP.
 Dr Small is the cardiologist and she is checking me.    I really  love getting all this attention!    I am such a special girl!
 Dr Small is giving me a kiss and telling me how good I was.  Then they made Mom and Dana leave and they did an ultra sound and Xray and I did not like that.  Dr. Small says I have a mild murmur and she will follow that with another check in four months but my squished face is creating some problems in breathing and when I go back the surgeon will look down my throat to see if he can help. She wants me to cut back on my treats and lose a bit of weight and to not overexert myself or get overheated.  We were there about three hours and I was sooo tired.  Mom was tired too.  Linda did you see how I kept smiling while they were checking me?  Wasn't that nice????  (Gracie, I saw how brave you were!!"
After it was all done, I got to go home and just veg on my couch!    Oh, my, this was an exhausting day!    Maybe Mom will give me a treat-- forget what the doctor said about cutting back on my treats!  I deserve one!

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lady jicky said...

Gracie - this is your girlfriend Moi Moi from Australia talking to you -
I wish we lived near each other Gracie for I have an enlarged heart and I take heart meds - Like you I have to keep my weight off too - no treats :(
I think it would be fun if we could work-out together but I am a bit pudgy and a lycra suit would make my bum and belly look fat! LOL!
You be good and do what the doctor tells you girlfriend! Woof Darlin!