Saturday, August 3, 2013


 I did a blog on Teddy's foster mom redoing her kitchen cabinets.  Teddy is helping to supervise the last stages of the process.
 Teddy has been in foster care for awhile-- he's so cute, but he has trouble trusting people at first.    He's fine if you give him a chance though.
 I thought he was about ten years old-- but he may be older, maybe 12.    He wears a belly band in the house-- so do some of mine.    Some of them just need a little help.    
 He has learned to take treats from his foster parents, and he likes to play and give kisses.  
 Look at this face-- he LOVES tummy rubs!  
 Just look how contented he is.    Teddy needs a patient owner who is willing to let him transition slowly.   We hope that special person will come along.    
Here's Teddy on the deck with his buddy, Wylie. Ted was enjoying "Chip," who has most favored toy status here at our house. Wylie makes an appearance at the end!


lady jicky said...

How I would love to have Teddy!

I think he would make a wonderful doggy friend for a older person who just wants a companion who likes a tiny walk and the house is quiet . Perfect for Mr Ted and perfect for the older person who needs a easier dog to look after.

I am doing my Adoption Dance Linda!

Doris Sturm said...

Awww... I have a soft spots for Teddy (wonder why?) Teddy sounds like my Teddy with not trusting strangers easily, but if someone is loving and patient, that's not a problem...he's just adorable...what a cute little guy. Thank you for helping this sweet senior :-)