Thursday, August 8, 2013


 Jeffrey is 4-5 years old and a big boy at about 22 pounds.    
 He is being fostered with a boy the same age almost as Jeffrey-- and Jeffrey loves his boy!
 Jeffrey is a very calm, sweet boy.   He likes to go on walks.  
 He enjoys laying where his people are and also out on the deck.  I see his boy there-- can you see him-- part of him? ;-)
 Jeffrey loves running around the yard-- look at him go!   He also does a spinning hop when he is excited or wants to play.
 His foster mom said she's had several PVPC fosters, but he is one of the best.  He does well with dogs his own size or even as an only dog.    He is also housetrained.  
Jeffrey is just waiting for his forever home to happen-- let us know if you're interested in this sweet boy!


lady jicky said...

Oh I would love this guy!!!

Does he have a passport???

Tracey said...

He is so handsome and so much fun! Hope he finds a great forever home!