Wednesday, August 28, 2013


 Bubbles (above) and Roxie are my fosters and they are so sweet!  Bubbles is only 9 pounds!
 Roxie just wants to lay on the big pillow, and have tummy rubs, and run outside if my gang hears a sound.
 My porch is finished, and I have Beach Bit's playhouse out there again.   I put a dog bed  in it-- why not make it multi-functional.   Play house and dog house!     Bubbles agrees.
 You are cute!
 Roxie found a place under the hammock to veg out.   She will get in the play house, too, but likes a place with a view.
 Okay, Starlight, I'll show them that you like the play house, too.    
 Roxie's eye was removed and the stitches are out and she's doing great.    She doesn't miss that bad eye at all!
 Aren't they adorable!  
 And at bedtime. they get on the bed for awhile before going in their playpen (too many dogs on the bed already).   Bubbles found Matt's side of the bed and there were pillows stacked up-- no problem!  She just got on top.  It reminded me of the Princess and the pea!
Roxie just curled up, too- and Max is behind her.    Everyone was ready for bedtime after a busy day.   Goodnight!

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lady jicky said...

They are both so sweet and I do hope they find a wonderful home real soon!

I do like that idea of using the Bits playhouse!!!

How is the new porch Linda???