Sunday, August 4, 2013


I just found these pictures!    They were sent to me a few years ago of Maddie, one of our adopted dogs.   I had to share them though.  She won first prize for Most Patriotic at the July 4 contest in Myrtle Beach at the campground where her owners were staying.     Her mom said, "I don’t know who loves her more --- me or my husband."

Maddie likes to get dressed up-- well, maybe.   Look at the face. :-)

There you all-- all dressed up as a butterfly.

The sunglasses are wonderful-- and look at her hat!

It looks like she likes the beach-- and has her own floatie.    Maddie, I'm so sorry these got "lost in my file."   I want everyone to see them!

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lady jicky said...

Do they use SuperGlue to keep those glasses on??? LOL!