Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 I'm not sure I'll do the blog much longer.    I know there are so many stories left to do.... Cranberry wants more blogs on her.   I could do a blog on her.
 Roxie does want her pictures and stories put on the blog, but should I do it?    There is someone in the wings who wants to take over.
 I picked up Bubbles at the vet after her dental, and her picture deserves to be showed.   But, there is someone younger who really wants to take over my "job."
 Beach Bit put on my glasses, sat in my chair, and had his hand on the mouse-- he was ready to do a blog!    He's ready to take over!
Maybe I should wait until he can spell though-- that could take a few years.    I don't know how he can see with my readers on-- they are pretty strong.    I can see  he's ready to begin though.    Let's see if he's ready once he begins school-- and that's not yet!  (Some have read this and think I'm serious-- this blog is just a joke haha.)

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lady jicky said...

Linda - I so understand that this blog takes alot of your time and energy .
We will be friends forever and my girls send Pekingese kisses along with me!
May the Beach Bit become a Vet and look after many dogs in the future - that boy has "the touch" and you put it there!!
Melinda , Moi Moi and Coco in Australia XXXXXX