Monday, February 24, 2014


 Elwood met his new family on Saturday near Richmond.
 He and Moe immediately began playing!
 My Kai Kai  was with me and tried to get in on the activity.  
 They won't let me play!
 Moe is a 4 year old rescue and he was so happy for Elwood to be there.  They were playing so hard, and I'm sure they slept really well!
 I'll miss your sweet face in the morning.  I'll miss your kisses!
 Beach Bit will miss playing with you!
 You two had so much fun together.
Rescue means loving and it means letting go-- thank you for being my foster boy, Elwood!
 Oh, you sweet thing!    I'm so glad you had some time here with us.   You were a joy!
 Enjoy your new home, sweet boy!!

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lady jicky said...

How lovely !!!

So glad Elwood has a new home!!!