Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 This little one was put on craigslist after his owner died.  No one in the family wanted him.    I just hate that-- my girls know if something happens to us, they get our dogs.    No dogs, no inheritance haha.   Really, they are both dog people and would take care of my pets.   They know how much I love my Pekes!
 Piglet didn't know why he had been abandoned.
 But, he is SO sweet!!!    He was saved off craiglist by a caring person who then contacted us.    She had Pekes and didn't want to see this one get into the wrong hands.
 He is a little one at only 11 pounds.
 He's about 8 years old which means he has many years left to give a family of his own.
 What are you sticking your tongue out for?   ;-)
 I love your ties!   That shows me you must be visiting Desi's house.
 Oh, there she is!   You ARE visiting Desi's house!
 Piglet had a cyst on his head, so Dr. Hodges removed it.    Once his hair grows back, you won't even know he had surgery.
You're still a very handsome boy!!!  Welcome to rescue!


lady jicky said...

What a wonderful person she was to recue Piglet!!

Oh he is so cute .... does he have a passport????

Love him Linda!!!!!

Unknown said...

Is Piglet really his name? He is so cute! The surgical wound just makes him look more handsome <3

Unknown said...

The booboo just makes him look more handsome. He has "Character". Where is this sweety?

Lori Meese said...

Please consider giving this sweetie a fur ever home. He is in SW va. I'm his foster mom and in SW va.

Lori Meese said...

Please consider giving this sweetie a fur ever home. I'm his foster mom. Fully housebroken, loves cats, dogs, people of all ages. He is my foster dog.