Monday, February 17, 2014


Here's an update on Lulu Bea-- she is in her foster home near me and loves the two bigger dogs there.   She had lived with a bigger dog and she likes them.    She even ran in the yard with one while I was there, and tried to get her to play with her.   While I was there, she rolled over for a tummy rub!  
She is playing with toys and enjoys cuddle time on the couch.    She is a big girl of 26 pounds, but she's on a diet.   It's just not good for them to be that heavy-- too hard on their bone structure.
She loves her new foster daddy-- giving kisses already!!     I have a video of her playing before she left my house.    She will be 7 in May and she has many years left for a loving family.   If you are interested in her, let me know! :-)

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lady jicky said...

Oh she is such a Lulu of a Belle!!

I hope she gets adopted real soon - she is lovely!!!!