Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Our family seems to have the ability to find dogs-- well, my daughter has that ability.   She has had dogs jump through her car window to get to safety on a busy road (yes, a pit bull did that and put his head on her lap).    

 Last week, she found a brown puppy in a ditch by the interstate.   She was driving along and saw it and thought "it's a groundhog" and then realized it was a puppy!   We checked craigslist, called vets and shelters-- no one has reported it missing.   It had no microchip, no collar, no tags,  nothing to help find its home.    They have bathed her and fed her...
 And she curls up in blankets and takes a snooze.
 She is making herself perfectly at home-- they may just have another dog.   :-)
 Sunday morning, a  neighbor knocked on my door with this one in her arms.   They found her in my neighborhood, so I knew she just got out somehow.    We gave her toys to play with and set up an xpen for her so she could rest after playing and eating some breakfast.
 Two of the grandbits are here, so they were having a blast.
 Look at that face!    She's an 8 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  
 She thought Drill bit was wonderful.
We did find her owner and her name is Bella.     Bella did have a microchip, but it wasn't registered, so I helped her owner sign her up.    (I also volunteered to keep her when they went  on a trip (oh my, I am crazy-- I don't need a puppy haha).     Her mom is a new pet owner, so I gave her my number if she had questions.    All in a day's adventures at Camp Runamuck!!


Pekiegirl said...

Wow! That puppy is a chocolate lab! Can't believe no one claimed him! What a lucky find!

Toni Davis said...

I hope my Blonde Bit adopts the same caring for animals that your offspring have! She seems headed that way!

lady jicky said...

If a dog ever needed help and they are alone .... they need to head straight to you or your daughter Linda!!!

*glad the Cavvie headed home - like you need another dog to find a good home for !