Friday, February 7, 2014


Elwood came into rescue last week and is now at my house.    He has adopted the ottoman that belongs to my Peke, Max.    Max has taken to sleeping on the couch now.  (Elwood doesn't mind sharing, but Max thinks the whole ottoman should be his.)
Elwood is such a nice boy.
I'm not used to having a healthy one!    Elwood hasn't had an accident, he is loving and sweet, he gets along with dogs and kids and is just a happy boy.   He is about 2  years old and 13 pounds.   He was groomed at the shelter and trimmed down-- his hair should grow a little longer.
He and Max were checking out the yard -- was there something that needed their attention?
Nothing over there either!
Kai Kai and Elwood don't mind sharing the ottoman.   In fact, Elwood thinks it's a wonderful place to keep watch on the back yard-- the squirrels might get out of hand!
But, for now, he'll just rest and relax.    Guard-duty is hard work, so he needs a break.
Elwood can curl up into a tiny ball and sleep-- he is so cute!    He is available for adoption, so let us know if you are interested.  

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lady jicky said...

He is cute Linda.

Very good that he has great health and Elwood would make a wonderful family doggie !