Saturday, February 15, 2014


Desi's friends were all dressed for Valentine's Day, but I couldn't get them all in one day's blog.  So, we'll have several.
Kipper made an appearance in yesterday's blog, but here he is again.    Do you like your outfit or are you telling your mom to take it off?
I think you're just making funny faces at her now.
And now the hat-- you look so dapper!
Wanda is joining you here...
Your mom said I didn't have to post all the pictures, but how could I leave any out!
Wanda is so sweet-- I've met her several times.  She comes to most of our meetings.
 Cassidy joined in the fun, too.   He has his Valentine's tie on.
 Are you tired of the photo session?   I know you're laying down on the job.  Being a model is hard work.
 Dawson is one of our foster dogs-- he is going through heartworm treatment.  
 He is a happy, lovable Peke!
 And a beauty, too!
 Jeffrey, also one of our fosters, is staying with them awhile.    He is doing great there and he was able to have his pictures taken, too.
 Gosh, I think he's tired, too!  Are you going to join Cassidy for a nap?
He's available for adoption.  He is over 22 pounds, so a big boy, but he just has more to love.
And here's Wanda again.   I love your heart dress!!    Give your mom and dad a Valentine's hug from all of us!

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lady jicky said...

I bet they all know how to party!