Friday, April 11, 2014


Abner amazes me with all he does- he came to us in rescue via a shelter where he had serious eye issues.    He had a lot of eye surgery and now he is an ambassador for the breed.
Everyone loves Abner and he loves everyone.
He is the most laid back and loving Peke.
He loves ice cream, too-- he gets to lick the container.
He goes to the airport on a regular basis, where he helps to calm passengers, big and small.   This little baby is fascinated with Abner.
This lady was afraid of dogs until she met Abner-- and look at the joy he is bringing her.
He gets a lot of hugs from them.
You look like you're going somewhere, too, Abner.    London, Paris?  
You're very comfortable here, too!
Abner doesn't just go to the airport.    He also goes to nursing homes.   Abner is visiting with a 102 year old, and is on her lap there.   He has such a great personality to be an airport AND nursing home dog!!

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Mary St. Mary said...

Aww, he's going to get a swelled head if he reads all this stuff about him!