Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 I took these pictures after the Peke meeting on Saturday.
 Desi was posing in the flowers in front of Fiona's home.   Aren't they beautiful!
 Alastor was happy to just wander in front of the flowers.
 I put Koko in the flowers and she just sprinted out!   She looks so much like Wanda and Desi.  They could be sisters.
 Oh, sweet Desi-- you are such a pro.
 You love having your picture taken.
 And Wanda comes....
 The girls kept coming out of the flowers.
 The flowers gave such a beautiful background.
 And Wanda fit right in with her colorful dress.
 Lucinda was giving them treats for posing well.
 Roger was getting some great shots.
 Pose pretty, Wanda.
 Hold that pose!
 Desi's turn.
 Alastor is such a sweet boy.   He wasn't sure what was going on.
 They loved the treats Mom was giving them.
 Are there any on the ground?
 Mom has more!
 Desi and Wanda are so beautiful!
We had such a great time at the meeting.  Hope more of you can come the next time!

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