Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 China came into rescue in 2012-- she came from a shelter and she needed help from us.
 She was a sweet, adorable Peke-- she loved to play and was so loving.    This week, her mom came home and China was paralyzed.    Since she loved to play so much, we wonder if she hurt  her back doing that.    It's hard to know what happened.    Pekes can be prone to back injuries because their backs are long.    Sometimes, rest and pain meds can do the job, but sometimes, it won't help.    The vet felt that this was a very serious injury and her mom (with the vet's help) decided the best thing to do was let her go.    This is SUCH a hard decision to make for an owner-- even  if you know you are doing the right thing.
My heart goes out to Martha and Eve-- they loved China so much and are devastated.    They have helped so many Pekes and have a huge heart for these little ones.     I know China's absence will be so difficult.  I hope our love and support for them will help their heart to heal some.     Rest in peace, sweet China.  We are so sorry.    


Paladin2010 said...

So sad to see a loving peke pass on so quickly. We always worry about Maddy's back as his former own taught him to rear up and walk on his back paws. Deepest sympathies.

Nicky said...

I am so sorry for this family and for China to have suffered this injury.

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
What a pretty girl China was.

Crossfire said...

So sorry for your loss. My heart and prayers go out for China and her family.