Friday, April 18, 2014


Hurricane and Seminole came into rescue this week.   They are 9 years old (they will be 10 in September) and 13-14 pounds, not big boys.    They are brothers, litter mates and have always been together.  
Seminole has a big underbite and it's so cute.  
Seminole and Hurricane are so sweet-- laid back, low key boys.   Beach Bit was with me and petted them and told everyone to "be gentle" with them.   Beach Bit has been doing rescue with me since he was 2 months old, so he talks like a pro.   He was even showing and telling someone how our car crate worked. :-)   Love it!
These two were updated on their shots and I thought "no problem" but when I saw their mouths, I knew we had to do more than just clean them up.   Their mouths are terrible and Hurricane also has an eye infection.    They desperately need to have their teeth cleaned and we're going to do that.   We're also treating Hurricane's eyes and will have their eyes further evaluated.
Hurricane is a little confused-- he doesn't know why he was given up.
But, we'll take care of them.  
Yes, we will.
Seminole, you can stay with your brother, like you've always been.    We hope someone will want to adopt both of you sweet boys.    We'll have a special to keep these two together.   They deserve that.
Are you ready to go to your foster home and meet your house mates?
Their foster mom said they are doing great.  They've met the two resident Pekingese, Festus and Bubbles and the house cat, Daisy.   All was peaceful and after dinner and time outside, Seminole and Hurricane settled right into their big bed and went to sleep.    If you can help with their medical costs, we would really appreciate it.   We are low on money right now and will have to limit taking in more Pekes-- something I don't like to have to do.   Thank you for any help you can give.

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lady jicky said...

They are so lovely Linda and I hope you can find a great home where they can be together !!!