Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Oh, Desi, more outfits?    You have more clothes than any dog or person I know.    I want your mom to take ME shopping!
 I know you act very "laid back" about your photo sessions, but we know you love them!
 Your mom told me, so you can't fool us.
 Oh, what is that?  A baby chick?   Did you hear that Jeanne has her own mini-flock-- or micro something.   What is it called?  Anyway, she has some chickens-- maybe this one got loose!
 Oh my, look at the hat?    Do you have a special shelf for your hats?
 And baskets and eggs..... I know you are wondering if there is something to eat in one of those eggs.
 Call for snacks!    You've worked hard, time to get a treat!
 Or you can just lay down on the job.
 No?    Are you bored with my chatter?
 You are so cute-- I want to know if you have loaned out your outfits to your sisters.
 I know Madge had on a fabulous hat the other day, but this one is adorable!  And the necklace!
 Madge is sure a good sport-- how much time does it take to get you all dressed in the morning?   I know your mom dresses you up every day to go to work.
Oh no-- was that a secret?    I think people have figured it out.    They love seeing all your outfits.   You are one beautiful girl!

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lady jicky said...

When I looked at Madge in her pink hat I thought of Barbara Cartland!!!! She loved pink and of course she had a Pekingese !!!!

I hope this can be done - a picture of her ----