Thursday, April 3, 2014


 My name is Coltrane and I am being fostered with dogs of all sizes.    The one next to me is another foster and I love him!  
 Wait, don't leave-- I want to play with you-- do you have the green toy?
 I thought so!    Wow, I love all these dogs here.  I love other dogs-- I'm getting used to people, too.   I was a little scared at first, but I'm doing better.   I love to be where my humans are and it's great if they will   gently pet me on my head.  
 I had an eye injury, but my foster mom is taking great care of me and I get to go to the opthalmologist.    I bet that is going to be fun.  This rescue group takes such good care of me!
I saw my friend in this crate and it looks so comfortable, I decided to join him.   I wanted you to see some videos of me, too.   If you want to adopt a bigger Peke (who looks like a little St. Bernard), I'm just the one for you!  
Click here: Foster Dogs AVAILABLE for ADOPTION - YouTube  (Coltrane is at the end of this video..)

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lady jicky said...

Linda .... that Coltrane is lovely!
He looks a St Bernard in a Pekingese package! LOL

What a wonderful pet he would make!
I looked at the videos and he loves other dogs . If someone has a dog already and they are looking for a friend - Coltrane is your boy!!!
I would have that boy in a second!
Also, greyhounds are gentle giants and they really don't chase or get excited like you see them in the race's ... greyhounds love to lounge around ... like a peke actually! LOL
We have "greyhound Rescue" here in Australia ... they are the poor old racing hounds that are not good anymore ! They usually get put to death but ... there are some wonderful people who rescue them and , like you with your Peke's ... foster and adopt them ! I have read that once someone adopts a greyhound they are hooked!
Sort of like me with Peke's! LOL