Sunday, April 27, 2014


 This is Linus-- he came form a shelter that told us he was a Peke.  Well, he's part Peke and SO sweet.    He reminds me of a dog I had growing up and I just love his face!
 He has the sweetest personality and his foster mom decided she was going to adopt him.  YAHOO!    I hope they bring him to the picnic, so I can finally meet him!   I love his smile!
 Macaroon came into rescue in 2012 and has some back leg issues, but he gets around just fine!    He reminds me of Koko, who I am fostering now.   These little black and white ones aren't that common, and they are so cute!
 Macaroon loves his foster family.   He settled right in there and loves his foster mom.
 We had an application for him, but it wasn't the right fit.   We like to make sure the home fits the dog-- and all homes and all Pekes don't fit.    In rescue, we learn their personality traits and want them to have the most wonderful forever home!    Well, I know Macaroon just got his!
Here are some of his buddies-- they are all Pekes except Cooper-- I bet you can pick him out haha.    And Chester, with his ears up, is mostly Peke.   Macaroon loves his family and we are so glad he's going to stay there forever.    (I also love his foster/forever mom-- she is a good friend and has the biggest heart!)   I love posting adoptions!


lady jicky said...

I love seeing those adoptions Linda!!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Hooray for Macaroon!! And Linus, too, of course, but since I did meet Mac & keep him overnight, I am especially glad for him. :) From Ted & Grace's mom

Unknown said...

They are all so adorable especially the one with the cat ears. The peke on the end is gorgeous. What a beautiful family.