Thursday, April 24, 2014


 I think Onslow is voicing his opinion-- or his tongue-- on how slow spring is arriving.  I agree-- I'm ready for it to warm up!
 Kipper is looking for spring-- can you see it?
 Onslow is deep in thought-- where is it?    I know spring was supposed to arrive.
 Maybe Dawson knows-- I'll ask him.
 That didn't help.  He's too busy posing.   I'll ask Wanda.
 She's too busy being cute.  
 "Did you ask me a question?  Where is spring?  Just look outside!"
 There are flowers blooming all over.  
 Alastor rested in a bed of purple phlox.
 Are there more?  YES!
 There are dark purple ones, too.
 Desi says, "You're right!  They were here all the time!"
 I was at the Peke meeting while all this was going on-- holding Koko.    "Hey, everyone, they say spring is outside!"
 Most of us were too busy eating!   The snacks at the meeting were awesome!
 No, Amelia, you can't have any.   They aren't good for your allergies.
 "Allergies?!   I have allergies?"
 Oh, so sad, I guess you'll just have to watch the rest of us eat.
 In the meantime, Wanda is back outside, checking out the beautiful flowers--
Spring IS here!

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lady jicky said...

Lovely photo of you Linda!
Rather cold here today so our winter is on its way.... and spring / summer is coming your way !
I bet you are all sick of the snow and cold!