Sunday, October 4, 2015


 Sarie and her brother, Sampson, came into rescue this week.   They were both tiny at 8 pounds.  Both in bad shape, both full of tapeworms, fleas, skinny... They were taken immediately to our vet in Roanoke.    Sarie was the more serious of the two and she began coughing.    She seemed to rally, but then did a fast turn for the worse.  
Her foster parents (the vet we use there) gave her everything they could.    Sometimes, we can't fix them and this is so difficult.   Here is what her foster dad, Roger, wrote.   "Sarie had put up a good fight but unfortunately her broken little body didn't have enough energy to overcome her many problems. Who knows if things would have turned out differently if we could have gotten to her sooner or had the owner surrender directly to the rescue. She was very thin, anemic, full of fleas, loaded with intestinal parasites and then she got kennel cough. She faced insurmountable odds but we did all we could to help her through.
Early this mourning at 1:30 she was looking a little better and I gave her some medicine and rubbed her head and body for about 5 minutes - she really liked the attention. I checked on her again at 2:00 to make sure her IV was still running and she lifted her head and looked up at me. I gave her a little more loving before heading off to bed. Lucinda went down at 6:30 to start the day with additional meds, etc..and she met her at the cage door and walked out. Unfortunately, she crashed at 8:18 and passed away. Lucinda was holding her as her took her last breaths. We are very upset and saddened by her passing as we wanted so much for her to rally through this. Rest in peace sweet Sarie. We loved you,"
Run free now, precious girl.  Pray for her brother, Sampson, who is also being treated, as he goes with the loss of his best friend.


Essie said...

So sad for Lucinda and Roger. Bless them. She was such a special girl to have so much love in the end.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I am soooo sorry to read this….thank you so much, Roger & Dr. Hodges, for taking such good care of her and making sure she was loved right up to the end…..

lady jicky said...

I am so sad to read this ..... Lucinda and Roger sure did fight for her and gave Sarie wonderful care but ... sometimes....

nana said...

Blessing always to the angels on earth who tend to the sick and thrown away.......thank you for all you do to give love and care to these precious little ones.