Wednesday, October 7, 2015


 Lexie (aka Lexxi) came into rescue in August and got the medical help she needed.    She fit right into her foster home and began her role as protector there.  
 She is only 6 years old and decided she would be Sakks guard when one of the other dogs harrassed him (bullied him-- that's not allowed).   Wow, that is great.   One of the others just picked on Sakks a little and Sakks is older, so Lexie decided it would be her new job to help him.    She has fit in so well that her foster parents decided she was going to stay!
Lexie was just groomed and she was perfect for that.   She is just so nice!  She likes to sit near her foster mom now, not on the other side of the couch.   She is bonding in her new home and we've so happy that she will be there forever!    Happy Adoption, little one!

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