Saturday, October 3, 2015


 Sophie heard there was bad weather coming to her former foster home.   She doesn't look too bothered by it.    Princesses can't be bothered by mundane things like hurricanes.
 Our home/area was getting a lot of rain.   We have a small creek behind us and it was getting wider and wider.    Normally, you can't even use a kayak on it-- but today, I think we could get a motor boat in there!
 Water is coming into the yard-- but the house is MUCH higher, so there are no worries for us.
 Starlight and Kai Kai will go outside-- quickly!   Max will, too.  Chumley?  Not a chance!  (He will use a piddle pad.)
 Meanwhile, Sophie is taking it easy.   I know she really IS concerned about us.  Right?
Oh, there she is!   I knew she cared!   We're fine, Sophie!!  (The hurricane is headed in a different direction!)

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lady jicky said...

Listen Linda ..... that Sophie would be the first in the lifeboat on the Titanic.... Princess's know when to act!!!! LOL