Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 Jeanne is one of our most dedicated volunteers in PVPC.   Didi is her heart dog-- but I know Jeanne's heart has a place for so many!
 Jill Lee is adorable-- she was fighting an immune disease similar to what Lexie had.  Jill has been doing much better.
 Jeanne has cared for a lot of Pekes-- like Sassy above.   Sassy wanted something in her bowl besides her feet, Jeanne said.   I've had Pekes knock their bowls around (and my Starlight will scratch the dishwasher when she is hungry), but I've never had one put their feet in the bowl!
Jeanne has kept some of the Pekes she's fostered-- Didi grabbed Jeanne's heart as soon as she saw her!
 Sassy stayed because of medical issues.
 Hannah Joe was feral when Jeanne got her as a puppy-- but she trusts Jeanne and Bill now.   Shelby stayed because of medical issues.   I know it's hard for adopters to take one who has health issues, but I'm so grateful for those that do.
 Lucy has a seizure disorder that is managed pretty well with medication.    Jeanne and I are very familiar with seizure dogs.   We both have them.
 Jeanne loves her wine breaks...
 Her dogs...
 Her chickens...
Her garden.   She just has a lot of love in her!   I'm so grateful to be her friend and a fellow worker in Peke rescue.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL THE PEKES AND OTHERS WHO APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne from your mates in Australia !!!!

Pekiegirl said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne! Thanks for all you do for the dogs!

Expat Fledgling said...

Happy birthday, Jeanne! You share your birthday with my 5 year old granddaughter! Thank you for loving all those sweet babies, & caring for their problems. Your love love is a perfect example that giving away Love doesn't mean it divides, it multiplies! Have a great birthday!
Jan & Sammy