Thursday, October 15, 2015


 Look who we got into rescue today.   We named her Maizie.
 She was a stray who came to the shelter near me and they asked us to help.
 The shelter does what they can-- but they don't usually shave dogs down.   They made an exception in Maizie's case because she was in such horrific condition.   Mounds of mats and hair came off her.
 She has infected ears, infected skin and dry eyes.    She's not that old, but she has been severely neglected.
 My friend, Susan, volunteers at the shelter and she met me at the vet with Maizie.
 Maizie will have ear meds, eye meds and hopefully, her vision and hearing will improve.  We know her skin will improve and her hair will grow back.  
 Yes, little one, we will try to help you!     During the time in the exam room, all of a sudden Maizie began to wag her tail.  My heart just swelled!    She trusted us!  
 She is about 16 pounds and needs time to heal, but I think she's going to be a wonderful little girl.
Welcome to rescue, sweet Maizie!

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lady jicky said...

I was nearly crying when I read this ..... she will be a Wonderful Peke Linda!!!
I can only imagine what a state she must have been in for the shelter to shave her!

What a beauty she will be and I hope she gets a wonderful home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!