Friday, October 9, 2015


 Look at this sweet boy-- he was turned into the shelter by his family.   Why?   Because he "was old and didn't do anything anymore?"    That is so upsetting to us in rescue.   We believe a dog should be taken care of and loved until it's time to let them go.    
 Rudy is so happy!    He is laid back, joyful, no problem with other animals.    He does have a bad spot on his side-- the shelter said it was a hot spot, but it looks more like a chemical burn of some kind.   We'll have to wait and see if the hair grows back.   He is on antibiotics, and he just wants a place to hang out, be loved and live his life.
He will have a dental and then will be ready for a forever home.   We were told he was 15-- but we don't think he is.   He's too alert -- but whatever his age, we're taking care of him.    You may not know that many rescues will not take older ones.   We will-- all of us just love them.  He doesn't hear very well-- but his other senses are just fine!
Look at this sweet face-- can you resist? :-)

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lady jicky said...

Too old and did not do anything anymore!!! Bloody Hell!!!

Rudy needs to get a new and loving family! Older Peke's are a delight and I am doing my Adoption Dance for dear Rudy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!