Monday, October 12, 2015


 Starlight came to me as a foster in March, 2008-- can it be 7 1/2 years?  
 She was 3 years old and had been kept in a crate in a pitch black room a lot of the day.
 She had two ruptured ear drums, a bladder infection, and was only 10 pounds.   She needed ears surgery, eye surgery, stenotic nares surgery.    She was afraid of people-- except for us.   She trusted us right away.   She had a horrible seizure after we took her in to rescue.   She was in the vet every day for 3 days to be stabilized-- and she's done so well ever since (she is on phenobarbital and it has worked great for her).
 She had people come to meet her, but she just went cujo on them.   She did not want to leave us.  After she had been with us a year, we decided she could stay-- she had decided long before that.
 She loved our grandkids/bits.   She adored them!    Lil Bit and Bitty Bit were crazy about her, too.  
 She loved being near them.  
 When Beach Bit was small, she hoped he would share a snack with her.
 She had to have her own bouncey seat with the babies.  
 She loved to give them kisses-- here she was with Sugar Bit.
 And Bitty Bit.
 And Lil Bit.
 She had hiding places-- like under pillows, or desks or tables, or chairs.
She is a beautiful little girl.    And today she is eleven years old.   Happy Birthday, little girl.   We sure do love you!  And we're glad that you chose us!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday to the Pretty Starlight!!!

Coco would love to go out dancing with you Starlight but .... Oh boy - the plane tickets $$$$ !!!

So....... please have a bite of birthday cake for us Starlight and have a wonderful day with your loving family !!!!

Kisses ,
Coco and Melinda XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

This is another wonderful morning story from Must Love Pekes. These stories make my mornings a lot easier before facing the news. Thanks again.