Wednesday, October 21, 2015


 Rudy was dumped in a shelter as a senior because he was old and didn't do anything but sleep.
 Since when is that a reason to get rid of your dog??    We were touched by his story, and we decided to give him a place to be comfortable for whatever life he had left.
 He was listed as 15, but he sure doesn't act it.
 He is happy and loving.    He is seeing the vet for continued care of the raw spot (hot spot or chemical burn) on his side.   He may be older, but we still do what we can do make sure they are comfortable.
 I think he IS comfortable!   He is laid out-- are you waiting for a belly rub?   I think so!
Glad you're with us, sweet boy!!  And thank you, Sherry, for loving our seniors so much!


lady jicky said...

Oh how I love Rudy!!! That boy needs the Best of the Best Forever Homes!!!

I am doing my dance for him right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janice Gunn said...

Look at that smiling face! He looks so full of love & energy, I hope he finds a wonderful home soon! Sammy & I will both be dancing for him too!

lady jicky said...

On Ya Janice .... wish we could do the Adoption Dance together !!! LOL