Sunday, October 11, 2015


 I was contacted by a shelter in 2011-- could I help a 5 year old Peke?  
 Zeke's owner had dimentia and so the family turned him into the shelter.    They said he was sweet and fine with other dogs.    He was missing an eye, and the other eye wasn't great.  He was at my house awhile-- and yes, he is sitting in a baby bath tub that is full of dogs toys-- we multi-task/use here haha.
 He joined Tiffany's home for fostering.  Surprisingly, he wasn't adopted!   If people could see the dogs we have in person, it would be so much better, but that's not always possible.   Zeke was such a sweetheart!
 He joined Tiffany's family and became a permanent member of their doggy gang.  
 Just look at him now.   He is stunning!     He is older, has had eye surgeries, but is doing great.  
He loves his mom and dad and is content with all his friends there.   Who wouldn't be!?

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lady jicky said...

What beautiful colouring Mr Zeke is!!!