Thursday, October 1, 2015


 This little man was in a shelter in the western part of Virginia.  
 His sad face just got to me!    He has grinch paws in this picture-- he needed some help.
 He came into rescue and has had his medical-- he had a bladder infection so he is on antibiotics.  He has been neutered, had his vaccines and a dental.  
 He is only 14 pounds and so sweet.   Roger and Lucinda (who he is with temporarily) said he doesn't know a stranger.
 He is 7-8 years old, so has many years left.   Oh, that face!   Pekes with those "sad" faces just grab my heart.
 He gets along with everyone.   All the dogs at Roger and Lucinda's don't bother him a bit.   Neither does the cat.
 Are you ready for a road trip to your foster home, Theo?   He'll be fostered near me with Toni, so I will get to meet him!
He is going to make some family an awesome pet!!


lady jicky said...

Oh that face...... he should be in the movies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Theo's face reminds me of our guy Bandit who has that same "worry" face. At first I thought it was because he came to us from a rescue group where he was fostered for a year after being brought out of his abusive home where he was mistreated in a home with 6 unruly children and was treated like an "outside" dog.

Now I realize that he just has that kind of sad face. He still runs to hide if he hears children's voices but he's no longer afraid of loud noises. He loves his "brudder" Mercer and the Queen Willow who he thinks should be accorded the royal treatment she demands.

I hope Theo finds a good home quickly.

Unknown said...

I hope he becomes a foster failure...he couldn't ask for a better home ! ;)

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Such a handsome boy! Love his colors. He will be snatched up soon in a furever home!