Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 I posted these two yesterday, asking for a foster.   Sampson, above, and Sarie, were in a small, rural shelter, with no hope.    Someone volunteered to foster them, and Martha went into high gear and they were rescued yesterday!     Thank to others who have volunteered to help now.    More will be coming who need our help.
Sampson and Sarie are small-- just about 8 pounds!   They need to gain a little.   They are very bonded, and we will adopt them together only.   They are about 8 years old, we think, but more information will come as they are given medical treatment and go into foster care.  (They are currently with one of our vets since one has kennel cough.)   They are super sweet, loving and playful.    I can't wait to meet them!     We are a rescue group who (like all others) depend on our foster homes.   We can't do it without you.   


lady jicky said...

If dogs are described as "super sweet" then that means ... easy!!

Please ... someone foster these two lovely Peke's!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Melinda, they are headed to a foster home! :-)

lady jicky said...

That is wonderful and now I am doing a adoption dance for them both !!! :)

Nicky said...

woo hoo!!!! thank you for rescuing them! who is going to be the lucky mom or dad to these two beauties???