Wednesday, September 23, 2015


 Rosy and Daisy came into rescue in really bad shape.   Their teeth were rotting in their mouths and Roxy looked like she would need her eyes removed.   I never posted a picture of her eyes because they looked horrific.   Roxy lost 14 teeth at her dental and Daisy lost 19.
 They both blossomed in their foster home!   And look at Roxy now!   Her eyes are bright and shiny and she can see some!   I LOVE when we can bring back some of their vision!!
 Roxy was fostered near me, so I was able to see her several times.  
 She was at the vet this morning to go home with her new mom-- the home check was wonderful and this was a good place to meet (we were there for Daisy).
 Roxy is a small one, and full of energy and love.   She loves to be cuddled.
 I had Sugar Bit with me- and they were mesmerized by each other.
 Roxy really wanted to see more into the stroller!  
 I wonder if she had ever been around a baby.   She just wanted to see her so badly!
 Are you happy now? :-)
 Daisy was there, too.   She will stay with her foster mom.   These two came into together, but did not have to stay together.  
Don't chase the cats at your new home, Roxy!   We know you will be so loved there.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are all so sweet!