Friday, September 25, 2015


 Ally came to us through a NC shelter.    She was only 2-3 years old when she came into rescue in 2014.
 She was heartworm positive and went through the treatment.    She had a lot of interest and many applications came in!
 She is an albino Peke and so she had pink nose and mouth and light eyes.
 We chose from the applicants and she went to a wonderful family who absolutely adores her!  Look at her smile!
 She has stairs up to the bed, so she can make sure her family gets up when the alarm goes off.  
 She loves attention, which is good, because she gets a lot of snuggles!  
 She loves her toys-- which she has a lot of.    
 She had learned a lot of tricks, too.   She can "sit, down, shake, sit up and play dead."   What a smart girl!!
 Her nick name is Ally-gator.    Love it!  (I'm from Florida-- so of course, I like the gator part.)
She lives with two cats, so she is the only dog and a real princess.   It's what we want for all of our foster dogs.    We're so glad you came to us, Ally, so you could find your forever home!


lady jicky said...

Now .... I am not going to make a joke but ... Ally and her pretty owner - Two Blondes!!!

No alligators here in Australia Linda .... we have Crocodile's - HEAPS of them up in the north!!!

Gracienoid said...

What a happy baby, it does look like she is smiling with her new family.