Saturday, September 12, 2015


 I had Coco Puff as a foster dog almost 5 years ago-- in fact, I got her out of the shelter on my birthday.
 She was a small one at 11 pounds and so sweet.   She was adopted and happily went to her new home.    But, this week, I received a call that someone had found a Peke in their neighborhood.  
 They called me because my name tag was still on Coco Puff.   I'm so glad it was-- BUT.    If you adopted, please feel free to leave our tag on your new family member, but add your own tag and information so you can be contacted.   We are happy to be the back up.    I tried for hours to contact the owner, but she didn't have her phone with her.    (The woman who found her was thinking of keeping her, and it's only because SO MANY responded to our facebook messages and we were able to rescue her.   Thank you to all who helped!   We could not have done this without you.  YOu are the only reason Coco Puff is back with her mom.)
We were finally able to contact the owner and Coco is now back with her.  Look at the smile on her face.   For the safety of your pets-- those adopted from us and others you  have from other places-- please please put a name tag on them.   All the time.  Not just when you travel.  Not just when you think they might get out.   ALL THE TIME.    You never know if or when your pet could get out, and you want them to be safe.   So, please-- name tags!


lady jicky said...

I am so glad Coco Puff is back ..... please have your dog micro chipped!!!!!!!

Every dog in Australia ... SHOULD - I repeat - SHOULD - have this done when you register them at your Council !!!

Of course the dirt-bags do not do this :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We've left the rescue group's tags on all 3 of our Furs and added our own tag as well as the updated vet's information regarding shots, etc.

Ir'a not annoying to hear the jingle of the tags because we can actually identify who's doing what by the individual jingle of those tags.