Monday, September 7, 2015


 I was asked by a fellow rescuer to post two foster dogs that she had-- she wants to help them find a forever home together.    Their names are Abbey and Andy.
 They are Pekingese mixes and one is 15 pounds, the other is about 20.  
 Andy and Abbey are 5 years old and are brother and sister.  They are very bonded and want to stay together.   Their owner died and the remaining owner's health would not allow him to keep them.    They are both sweet and eat together.   Their adoption fee as a pair is $250.00.  These two get along with others, and are house trained.
You can apply for them on this link:   Or you can message me your request and I'll send it on to the foster mom.   They really need a home-- maybe yours is the one!

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lady jicky said...

Peke mixes are great as you really do not get breathing problems!

They look super sweet Linda ...... I am doing my "Double Adoption Dance" - its very fast and sexy !!!!! LOL