Tuesday, September 1, 2015


 Maxine came to us in July with her siblings, Micky and Melrose.    We don't know what environment they came from, but we suspect they were kept outside a lot and given little attention.
 Maxine is 3 years old, about 15 pounds.   She had to be treated for bladder stones and a bladder infection.    (So many we get have this problem-- special diet and medical care are so important.)
 She did not seem to know what toys or beds are.  But, she is beginning to play.
 And she has decided that soft beds are pretty nice!
 Maxine is being fostered with Hannah and Phoebe-- both PVPC alumni.
 Maxine is coming out of her shell.
Queen Hannah is still in charge there, but Maxine does not mind.  She is just glad to be safe, loved, fed, and have toys and a choice of beds to rest in.
Maxine is a beautiful Peke and will be a wonderful addition to a forever home.  To apply for her, go to our web site:  Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

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lady jicky said...

Oh my Linda .... what a lovely Peke Maxine is!

By the way ..... what has become of Micky and Melrose?