Saturday, September 26, 2015


 Look at this beauty.   This is Jeanne's girl Sassy Marie.
 Sassy came to us four years ago from a shelter.   She had been turned in by her owner who could not afford medical care for her.
 Sassy could not move her head, and was in obvious pain.
 It turned out to be a cervical issue and she had surgery.   We are so grateful for those that contribute to our rescue, so that we can help dogs like Sassy.
 Dr.Barnes, in Richmond, did the surgery and it turned out SO well!!
 Sassy was at Jeanne's a long time- and she ended up being a foster failure.  I know when we bring these dogs through major things, it is so hard to let them go.  And some are with us so long.   Sassy posed above before her spa day this month.  
And look at her now-- she is such a beauty.   And since her surgery four years ago, she has done great!    Good medical care and a lot of love make such a difference.    And today, I am giving Jeanne a big hug through the blog -- please pray for her today as her family is going through a lot.   Thank you!


lady jicky said...

You are in my thoughts Jeanne !

Anonymous said...

Sassy Marie is a real beauty and yes thanks to Jeannie Sassy is in great shape and a great place. Jeannie is a beautiful person for all she does and yes I believe every one of us have Jeannie and her family in our prayers and thoughts.

Thank you Linda for this great Saturday story and your dedication to the cause as well.