Sunday, September 20, 2015


 Sugar came into rescue in 2007.   Her family had turned her into the shelter.
 She was only 2 years old and was so sweet.   We could find her a home.
 She found a home quickly and has lived with her mom and dad for 8 years now.    She is ten years old and has a wonderful life.  
 She adores her dad!  
 She has the best mom and dad-- she has some medical issues, but she gets all the care she needs.   She is not impressed by it all.  After all, she is a Peke--they deserve everything.
Right now, though, she just wants dinner!!

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lady jicky said...

OMG Sugar .... Coco and I cannot decide if its the pink bows , maybe the tartan kilt or that mauve outfit that looks the best on you! :)

Hell ... all three!!!