Saturday, September 5, 2015


Melrose came into rescue with Micky and Maxine.   Micky has been adopted and now Maxine and Melrose are waiting for a home.
Melrose is a big boy at 17.5 pounds-- he is 9 years old.
His medical was updated and he went to a foster home near Richmond so he could have time to being in a home and having love.    We think he was probably kept outside with his siblings, as they seemed timid/fearful about coming inside.
Melrose is a gatherer-- he likes to gather toys.    I guess that's a good hobby to have if you are a dog.
His foster mom said he is the most curious dog she has had-- she calls him "Mel-nosey."   It's great that he is so inquisitive!
He likes to get under things-- a normal Peke thing (dog thing, too).   My Pekes love to be under things-- of course, at my house, it's a safety thing!   Stay out of the way of Beach Bit running around!
Melrose is coming along in trusting his foster parents.    All three dogs  seemed to not fully be aware that people are okay-- but they are learning that we can be trusted.   He was sitting on his foster mom's desk-- and he began to lick her toes.   Yes, he's doing better.
His look when we got him was sad-- but he is relaxing and beginning to know that he won't be hurt anymore.    
In fact, his foster mom called him "Mel-Mo" and he just looked at her and grinned.   He watches around him as if his foster parents are the greatest entertainment in the world.   Yes, I think Melrose is going to be just fine!    Charley, the resident dog, is helping him to know that, too.   He is available for adoption on our web site:   Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

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lady jicky said...

Oh what a lovely BIG boy he is!

I am doing my Adoption Dance for Mr Nosey - Melrose !!!!!!!!!