Sunday, September 27, 2015


 Laura adopted all her Pekes from us.    Sir Jenkins joined them last-- but on the blog, he's first.  I'm sure he would like that.
 At first, Laura fostered for us-- but she failed, like so many of us do.   Milo came to her as a puppy-- and he was  SO cute.  I don't think any of us would have let him go.
 Laura kept him-- could you resist this face!?
 Really?   Look at that tongue, Sir Jenkins!
 Mika came to us as a puppy with her mom-- I fostered her in 2006!   I can't believe she is already nine years old.
 She is definitely the boss of her home-- just like she was as a puppy.  I could see that strong will early on.
 Sweet Luca is the old gentleman there.   He is a sweetheart.
 Laura's home is full-- of Pekes, love and joy!    These dogs all have such a great home!
I love this picture-- they look like they are on a pinwheel!    I just want to kiss them all!
Laura sure loves her Pekes!


lady jicky said...

I love that photo of them all on the bed too.... really cute!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Every one of Laura's Crew gets 5 stars for wonderful but Sir Jenkins has my heart.