Monday, September 28, 2015


 Tux came to his new moms, Paige and Danni, three years ago.   Look at those eyes.
 He was a beautiful Peke-- I know his breeder and she has beautiful dogs.   She only has a small number and they are given incredible care-- so Tux was going to be stunning.
 And he was!
 He had a wonderful and loving temperament.
 His moms are Peke lovers (plus one Chin) and Tux got along with all of them.   This was their Christmas picture.
 Last May, he had trouble breathing and was in the hospital, but he came home and was fine.
 He was his old self again.   This morning, while being groomed, he suddenly stopped breathing.   Nothing could be done to save him.   Paige and Danni are shocked by the tragic loss of their beautiful boy.
Paige is here holding him.   We are so very sorry for your loss.   Run free now, sweet Tux.


lady jicky said...

Oh that is so , so sad!
Sending love to Tux's family from Australia .

Fiona Ross said...

So very sorry, Paige and Danni. Lots of love to you.