Monday, September 14, 2015


 Madeline was adopted three weeks ago-- I was not sure I would let this sweet one go, but I did.  
 She needed a playmate, and Mickey needed a friend.  (I have senior Pekes now and none of them wanted to play with Madeline.)
 He is so cute!  I just want to kiss his face.
 Mickey was used to living with other dogs and he is very timid.  
 He needed an outgoing friend.   And Madeline was just what he needed.
 She loves her crate/hidey hole.  The door is off it, but she loves to climb in for a nap.
 I went to visit them both and Madeline was a little shy of me-- I guess she forgot me.  Traitor! :-)
 Mickey got under a chair-- he loves his new family, but is timid with strangers.
 It's okay, little man--
With his new best friend, he is doing much better and the two of them play a lot-- chasing, rolling around, running.   They trade bowls when they eat, and won't eat unless they are side by side.   I think they are a perfect fit!  

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lady jicky said...

Oh how lovely .... they are going to be best mates!