Saturday, June 17, 2017


 Cami-Bear came into rescue almost four years ago.  He came from a shelter near me and was adorable!
 His coloring was stunning.  He had black and gray, and white and tan.   Just beautiful.
 His mom told me he likes to curl up in small place-- like her jewelry tray. :-)
 He has a sister named Cassie.  She is 18 now!  At first, she was not thrilled with him, but they became best friends and are constantly resting, touching each other.
 Cami-Bear also has a pet rabbit.  He loves her!  (See more of this below in Cami-Bear's email to me.)
Cami-Bear wrote me an email.  These Pekes are so smart!!  Here it is:

Dear Ms Linda,
I know it has been a long time since I have been in contact with you. I'm really sorry about that BUT Life here in the country is very very busy.

There are these really big dogs to bark at - mom says they are deer, but they look like dogs to me. I bark furiously at them but they just ignore me as they eat all the grass in the yard. Then there is my pet rabbit. It comes to visit and munch in the yard like the big dogs. Unlike them however, it loves me so I don't bark at it. I can even get to within a foot of the bunny and lay down and sleep next to it. Of course there are those sneaky squirrels...I'm bigger than they are so they run away from me. Unfortunately I haven't learned to climb trees so they always get away. Fun !!!

I love to sit on the front porch and watch everyone in the neighborhood. We live near the end of a dead-end street and everyone is very friendly (teehee). Mom wishes I could talk so that I could give her all the local gossip. Have to admit I am a bit of a snoop. It does upset me that I'm not allowed to run free around the area, but on occasion I manage to get out of the yard and go visit. The neighbors call me "Mr. Runamuck". Mom calls me other things LOL. Stinky winky, puddin, love bug but the worst is when she calls me her little stud muffin. YUK

Cassie is now 18 years old so I have to be very gentle with her. I am except when she tries to steal my food and then I growl at her. Since she's bigger than me, I don't scare her. Guess it is my lot in life to be smaller than everything except those sneaky squirrels. I did get even with her recently though. She just got a new orthopedic bed for those old bones so every time she walks toward it I hop in and won't let her have her bed. Guess I am really a bad little dude.

Mom also calls me her little cuddle bug because I just love to cuddle with her and with Cass. We really do love each other.

Hope all is well with you and your family.
Cami Bear


Lost Earring said...

Sniff, sniff, wipe tears, sniff, sniff...blow nose.

That a lovely story. Thanks for picking up my day.

LadyJicky said...

Cami Bear has such a beautiful coloured coat!!