Friday, June 16, 2017


 Charlie came into rescue last month.   He was in an animal control and had been horribly neglected.
 He had to be completely shaved down.  His skin was awful, his mouth was worse and he was heartworm positive.  
 He was neutered and had a dental to clean out the infection in his mouth.  
 Unfortunately, fistulas were found in his mouth-- holes connecting the mouth to the sinus cavity, caused by serious infection.   Only a dental specialist could evaluate if his mouth could be helped.  The fistulas allow food to go through the hole and get into his breathing area, a huge problem.   We don't know if Charlie is too fragile to go through this, but we are trying.   We are trying to do this so he can begin heartworm treatment.   Dealing with the infection in his mouth first is critical.
 If he is a candidate for surgery, we will be raising money to cover the cost. It's not cheap, but then, surgeries are not.  We are committed to our foster dogs and do all we can for them.  
Charlie knows he is loved, he is happy at his foster home, where he is loved and given the best care.   I hope we can give him a longer life.   He deserves it.  He has an appointment this morning, so we will know more soon.


LadyJicky said...

I am so glad you all have Charlie.... finally he has kindness.

Lost Earring said...

A pox upon people who allow this kind of thing to advance on an innocent little Peke or any other animal in their care.

Teresa Jura said...

Prayers for Charlie.kisses and hugs